When Arab American Stories first aired, Detroit Public Television initiated a national program designed to increase public understanding of Arab American history, culture, diversity and contributions to society. The program, called “Arab American Stories – A National Dialogue,” encouraged local PBS stations, as well as other community partners around the country, such as library systems, to host events, forums and dialogues to bring the television content to life through community conversations. This campaign was endorsed by the American Library Association.

Although the formal program has come to an end, community partners are still encouraged to host interactive dialogue sessions. Materials developed by DPTV used to help organize events and guide discussion can be found below.


The following is a list of resources for holding a discussion around Arab American Stories in your community.

DISCUSSION TOOL KIT: For Individuals, Community Groups and Organizations (PDF)
Series Descriptions (shorter and longer)(PDF)
Episode Guide and Descriptions (PDF)
DPTV Press Release Announcing AAS Outreach Campaign (PDF)
AAS Filmmaker Bios (PDF)
AAS Funding Credits (PDF)
DPTV Outreach RFP for PBS Partners (PDF)
DPTV Outreach RFP for Libraries (PDF)
DPTV-PBS Logo-PDF black-and-white (PDF)


The following events took place in 2013 while the national dialogue program was active:

San Francisco Arab Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, August 29:  event details

WHUT Screening, Washington, D.C., September 15:  event details

ideastream Educators Event, Cleveland, OH, September 17

Miami-Dade Public Library Event, Miami, FL, September 21:  event details

Queens Public Library Event, Queens, NY, October 8:  event details

Cleveland Public Library Event, Cleveland, OH, October 9:  event details

Studio City Library Event, Studio City, CA, October 10: event details

Los Angeles Central Library Event, Los Angeles, CA, October 12:  event details

Jacksonville Public Library Event, Jacksonville, FL, October 16:  event details

PBS SoCal Event, Costa Mesa, CA, October 17:  event details

KUHT/Houston Public Library Event, Houston, TX, October 23:  event details

Maryland Public Television Event, Owings Mills, MD, October 24

Studio City Library Event, Studio City, CA, October 24:  event details

WILL Event, Urbana, IL, October 24:  event details

WNPT Event, Nashville, TN, October 25:  event details

Providence Public Library Event, Providence, RI, October 27:  event details

WEDU Event, Tampa, FL, October 28:  event details

Detroit Public Library Event, Detroit, MI, October 29:  event details

San Francisco Public Library Event, San Francisco, CA, October 29:  event details

WJCT Event, Jacksonville, FL, October 29:  event details

KQED Event, San Francisco, CA, November 2

Major Funding for Arab American Stories: A National Discussion and Outreach provided by

Special Thanks to:

Betty H. Sams

Detroit Public TVAANM